Weihai Hunt House Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd.

Currently, our development team consists of 3 fishing rod engineers, one of whom has more than 25 years of experience in the fishing industry. They are dedicated to conducting in-depth market research to understand and meet the needs of different markets. Simply provide us with the parameters or samples of the rod, and we will create a real sample to confirm its action, strength, and accessories. Once the samples are confirmed, we source the necessary accessories and arrange production.

We have a professional quality control department with 6 quality inspection personnel. Every key step of the production process undergoes strict quality inspections, including cloth rolling, grinding, painting, guide ring installation, epoxy application, handle installation, packaging, etc. This ensures that only products meeting our high standards proceed to the next stage. The final product undergoes rigorous double inspections by the Final Product Quality Inspector and sales staff. Our goal is to ensure every fishing rod is perfect.

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① Production Headquarters: Located in WEIHAI, our first production workshop established by investors. The factory produces molds, hard baits, and soft baits, with a focus on cost-effective mid-range products.

② High-end Hard Bait Workshop 1: Located in DONGGUAN, specializing in high-quality molds hard bait production for large-scale orders.

③ High-end Hard bait & Metal Bait Workshop 2: Located in WEIHAI, this workshop specializes in high-end production of hard and metal lures for small-scale high-quality orders.

④ High-end Soft Bait Workshop: Located in WEIHAI, specializing in the production of high-end soft baits and complex 3D printed colors.

⑤ Fishing Rod Production Workshop: Located in WEIHAI, a joint venture factory producing various high-quality carbon fishing rods